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BlackBerry Outage Teaches Important Lesson

October 25, 2011

The worldwide outage Research in Motion (RIM) experienced several weeks ago saw millions of BlackBerry users unplugged from the Company’s mail and instant messaging services. This disaster could not have come at a worse time, as Apple’s iPhone 4S was released in the U.S. the same week. While Apple spent the following Monday gloating about how it sold a record-breaking 4 million iPhones over the weekend, RIM was begging for forgiveness and trying to offer an explanation for what happened.
RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis addressed the issue at a recent BlackBerry annual developer conference. “We restored full service as quickly as we could. Now we’re focused on the root cause analysis, our internal systems audits, and making this right for our more than 70 million BlackBerry users around the world.” One way the Company is trying to save face is by offering customers $100 worth of free apps as an apology for what happened.               


Making a Difference…One Life at a Time

July 22, 2011

NATICK – Since TCG was established in 1987, co-founders and owners Frank McDonough and John Stone have extended the same responsibility and dedication to their clients to members of the community. This is why TCG invests in the lives of local youth through the Boys and Girls Clubs of MetroWest. The money these organizations receive helps provide after-school and summer programs to over 3,500 kids each year at a cost of $25 per year, per child. 
At this year’s RF Wood Kids Classic Golf Tournament, TCG contributed to the raffle with 4 tickets to Boston Breakers games, the women’s professional soccer team which TCG sponsors. The partners further supported the cause by buying tickets for the raffle, and they didn’t walk away from the event empty-handed.


Scalable and Secure = Success

July 15, 2011

WOBURN – When your business employs 40 psychologists, 12 psychotherapists, 11 psychiatrists, and 5 neuropsychologists across 4 different offices, it’s crucial to have patients’ records stored at an accessible centralized location. Fortunately for us, our IT services provider took the time to understand all aspects of our business to develop a customized solution that supports our practice in its entirety. 
The experts at TCG first performed a complete assessment of our company. They then advised us on the infrastructure that would allow our business to succeed. TCG’s professionals recommended we invest in “thin clients.” This type of program depends heavily on a broader infrastructure, where numerous “clients” have the ability to share their work with the same server. If patients see more than one of our doctors, their files need to be accessed and shared between our professionals. TCG assured us if we invested in this program they would customize the solution to meet our needs. 


Media Firms Strike Piracy Deal with ISPs

July 8, 2011

Americans who download songs and movies illegally will soon be in for a rude awakening. If they continue to engage in piracy after being warned, they may now find their Internet access slowing down.
The country’s top Internet service providers finally agreed to an efficient way of handling customers suspected of digital copyright violations after years of negotiating with the music and movie industries.
According to the new process announced yesterday, Internet service providers will issue numerous warnings via e-mail and other channels of communication. If initial warnings are ignored, progressively harsher consequences will ensue. Unfortunate for media firms, the agreement does not require ISPs to shut down the accounts of those who continue to pirate digital copyright. Instead the system of alerts is supposed to be “educational.” Nevertheless, anyone who violates the carriers’ terms of service will be cut off by the ISPs.
The deal reached between the media industry and Internet providers blurs the line that separates the businesses. In 2003, Verizon was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America in attempt to reveal the identity of a customer who illegally shared music online. Now media firms are trying a different approach to eliminate piracy as evident in the recent agreement. ISPs certainly aren’t complaining as they have a chance to profit from piping non-pirated digital copyright to their customers. 
Source: The Boston Globe

Hackers Claim to Take Apple Data

July 6, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO – Over the holiday weekend AntiSec computer hacking group claimed to obtain usernames and passwords from an Apple Inc. server in attempt to lure the multi-billion dollar corporation into a surge of cyber-attacks. PasteBin was the website the hackers used to reveal the details of 27 user accounts and passwords.
Recently, other major companies like Sony and Ebay, in addition to government agencies from the Central Intelligence Agency to the Arizona Department of Public Safety have come under the attack of numerous hacker groups. Fortunately, in Apple’s case the usernames and passwords of the 200 million plus iTunes accounts have yet to be compromised, leading the company to question whether the post was just a prank. Later AntiSec tweeted that it was “not being so serious.”

Apple declined to comment on the subject.

Source: The Boston Globe

Internships yield solid results—for TCG, clients and prospects

January 12, 2011

As leading-edge technology consultants, TCG recognizes the vital importance of clear, timely and relevant communications for enhancing business relationships—whether with existing clients or prospective ones.
Our new web site reflects this company-wide commitment to maximize the value and utility of information, whatever its format. For example, first-time or occasional visitors will find a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate architecture that quickly communicates TCG's unique and comprehensive service offerings—while current clients can access highly customized, actionable information, such as project updates, through the Client Portal.    
To help ensure customer success, TCG further recognizes our need to always maintain a first-rate team and talent pool. In support of those efforts—an aspect of which invariably involves recruiting next-generation professionals and helping hone their consulting skills—we operate an ongoing college internship program.    


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