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What Is Malvertising?

August 8th, 2013

Malvertising is common tactic used by cyber-criminals to spread viruses and other malware to unsuspecting victims using seemingly normal internet advertisements. Many times these criminals will act as a trustworthy company and place a set of “clean” advertisements on sites that host third-party ads in order gain a good reputation. After a while building their reputation, the cyber-criminals strike by inserting a virus or a form of spyware into the code (computer language) behind the advertisement.

This causes users who click, or sometimes even users who simply enter the same page as the ad, to become infected with the virus. After a day or two when the virus has spread extensively, the cyber-criminal removes the code from their advertisements, and due to the complex nature of third party advertising networks, they are not able to be tracked down and caught. There are also malvertisers who hack into websites and inject their viruses and spyware into other advertisers’ code. Clicking on a malvertisement can seriously endanger your computer and even break it if the virus or spyware is lethal enough.
What can I do to protect myself?

Don’t click on advertisements, especially ones you haven’t clicked before.

If an ad appeals to you, the safest thing to do is search for the advertiser’s website or head to straight to the product website without clicking on the ad. You’ll still get where you need to go, and it will be a much safer route.

Be extra careful from Fridays to Sundays

Many of these Malvertising campaigns are triggered when there is no one in the office monitoring the advertisements. Sometimes the companies don’t know they’ve been hacked for weeks!
Outdated software leaves you extremely vulnerable to the malware set-up by these cyber criminals. Be sure to stay up to date with new spyware protection, consistently downloading the updates you need
A Firewall Appliance is commonly found in most business networks. Like antivirus and malware software programs, Firewalls are subject to the same updates to remain effective, however are often neglected or overlooked. These appliances are not, “set it and forget it”, and should be updated with current subscription services to protect against the latest threats.
AT TCG Network Services, we provide all that is needed to guard against and protect your business from these attacks. Whether your hardware needs to be upgraded, subscriptions reviewed and renewed to offering up a suite of Business Continuity & Cloud Backup Solutions.

High Honors for the TCG Family

March 8, 2013

2013 is getting off to a great start here at TCG Network Services! Last month, we celebrated a major milestone - five years of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. A lot of that stems from co-founders Frank McDonough and John Stone’s personal mantra of treating others how you want to be treated. We have confidently stood by this belief for more than a quarter century, and look forward to many more years of service and recognition with the BBB.

Furthermore, TCG also received a major honor courtesy of a local publication. The
Worcester Business Journal named us one of the Top IT Services Providers in the region! We here at TCG are very proud to receive such an honor. This is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as the community. Just like our continuous recognition from the BBB, we have you, the customers and community, to thank for our recent high marks! With so many IT consulting companies to choose from throughout the Boston and New England area, we are extremely grateful to be in such good company with so many other IT providers.

Please check out our listing with the Worcester Business Journal here

Thank you again!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

It's officially 2013, and TCGNS has big things on the horizon. Stay tuned for more news.

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