Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Prevent Data Breaches with Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Why does your company need cybersecurity awareness training? From an HR perspective, it’s not enough to announce a savvy policy and assume that everyone is following its procedures. To minimize risk, you need to provide ongoing training and testing.

When cybercriminals deceive their targets in order to steal money or data, it’s called phishing. According to the cybersecurity experts at Proofpoint, Inc., nearly 90% of organizations experienced targeted phishing attacks in 2019.

TCG can periodically distribute convincing simulated phishing emails to your entire team. If staffers click on a link or open an attachment, it provides the company with an opportunity to shape their behavior going forward.

But that’s just the beginning. With your approval, we can teach and reinforce best practices with weekly educational emails that contain eye-catching embedded videos and quizzes.

Employees can also demonstrate their knowledge with an annual cybersecurity test. Upon successful completion, they’ll receive a certificate that affirms their ability to identify and avoid threats.

The consequences of ignoring cybersecurity are so severe that many compliance standards now include awareness training. Make sure you’re following every applicable requirement including this one.

Work with TCG Network Services, one of the few premier cybersecurity companies in Boston, and we’ll help you coach your team to success.

Awareness Training Services Include:


Automated Phishing Test Campaigns


Access to Educational Resources


Mini-Quizzes & Annual Testing


Support from an Industry-Leading MSP

Preparation is the key to success.

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